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Our mission at LifeCare Properties is centered around four key pillars: service, growth, people & talent, and trust. These pillars guide our actions and decisions as we strive to make a positive impact on the lives of our residents, their families, the communities we serve, our associates, and our partners.


Service to our residents, their families, area neighborhoods, associates and partners drives everything we do. Nothing can be accomplished without this shared mission and obsession with elite customer service. LifeCare is dedicated to be of service to those in need and with whom we partner.


LifeCare’s mission to achieve exponential growth by forming strategic partnerships allows us to responsibly build new communities in new markets positioned for economic success due to unmet needs in senior housing and integrated healthcare services.


Nothing comes easy in senior living day to day operations. We understand fully how difficult the job is and how passionate those who serve in senior living are. LifeCare appreciates this commitment by those who work in our communities and through our operator. Our mission is to always be “a culture of people first” as we seek talent who want to join the struggle and rewards of serving seniors.


LifeCare chooses our partners through the lens and mission of trust. We only work with leaders who mirror the standards to which we hold ourselves accountable. Life and business are both challenging already. We demand the same respect and trust of all partners and can be relied upon to reciprocate those values.

At LifeCare Properties, we are committed to fulfilling our mission and creating a beneficial impact on the lives of our associates, collaborators, and the communities we build.

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