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At LifeCare Properties, we understand the importance of transforming operationally functional building design into senior living experiences that offer a high-end lifestyle. We are pleased to introduce our four-part blog series From Functional to Fabulous: Elevating Senior Living.

In this series, we will explore the strategies and solutions we employ to transform senior living into a resort-style experience. Through creative spatial layouts, upscale finishes, state-of-the-art amenities, and a hospitality-focused service model, we craft environments that consistently exceed expectations.

To transform operationally functional buildings into luxurious, resort-style communities, we focus on several key areas.

  • We evaluate how space is allocated and used. In the past, maximizing the number of units was the priority. We look for opportunities to create more open, flowing spaces that encourage social interaction and a sense of freedom. This could mean widening hallways, opening sightlines between spaces, and offering a variety of unit layouts.
  • We make strategic upgrades to materials and furnishings, replacing industrial flooring, walls, and ceilings with a combination of textures and tones that reflect regional influences. High-quality yet comfortable furniture, décor, lighting fixtures and plumbing hardware makes spaces feel residential rather than institutional.
  • We optimize the functional aspects of the building design, maximizing natural light and enhancing common areas while prioritizing accessibility and safety.
  • We incorporate amenities and services one would find at a luxury resort. Chef-prepared meals, concierge services, transportation, courtyards, salons, fitness studios, recreation and entertainment options transform senior living communities into coveted destinations.

Our goal is simple: to create beautiful communities where people thrive.

Beginning September 20th and running through October 11th, a new installment will be available on  Wednesdays on our Blog, Thursdays on LinkedIn, and Fridays on Facebook as follows:

Week of September 20th Part 1: Creating a Resort-Inspired Atmosphere Through Architectural Details

Week of September 27th Part 2: Optimizing Operational Spaces for Luxury Living Experiences

Week of October 4th Part 3: Selecting High-End Interior Finishes to Elevate the Environment

Week of October 11th Part 4: Incorporating Engaging Amenities to Foster Community and Connection

We are proud to deliver spaces that inspire, invigorate, and uplift the human spirit. Be sure to bookmark our page and join us over the next several weeks for our series From Functional to Fabulous: Elevating Senior Living.

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